The base of PBP Network that as the server side to provide querying, crawler and analysis all in one.


This software uses structural similarity index to analyzes URLs by PageView Technology.
And collect databases automatically from OpenDNS PhishTank.

The records fetched from the database could be found in Black List.

How it works

We are using the two public databases recorded malicious URLs as simple query to check them whether had been reported.
Google Safe Browsing and OpenDNS PhishTank.

If the URL is not in the both of databases, the program will scan the URL.

When the URL is not recorded in Trust List but looks like the one which Analytics captured, Analytics will mark the URL into Warning List for noticing the URL might be dangerous.

P.S.: Analytics scans URLs in Trust List and capture snapshot every hour.

The library reference could be found on Read the Docs.

Open Source

According to Star Inc. Academic Research Policy,
the software was been opensource by licensing under MPL, v2.0.